Server -KTB-BotServers-Join-Allies-RIP-KTB-CraSh (Time left 9:47)

Server name:-KTB-BotServers-Join-Allies-RIP-KTB-CraSh (Time left 9:47)
Game:Day of Defeat
Server address:
Players:18 (16 bots)/32 (filled 6.25%)

Server information Day of Defeat

Players:Steam Only Country:US US
Protocol:48 City:Mission Viejo
Ping:107 ms Website:Unknown
OS:Windows Owner:Unknown
Game Type:Dedicated Ranked since:17.11.2018 22:00
Access:open Information updated:29.11.2021 17:45
VAC:secure Last check:29.11.2021 17:45
Build: Uptime:99.73%

Description of the server

Server -KTB-BotServers-Join-Allies-RIP-KTB-CraSh (Time left 9:47) Day of Defeat , located in Mission Viejo, US, where during last check played 2 players and 16 bots. The number of slots at this server is 32. server IP address

Server rank

Global rank:18 Rank by city:1
Rank by country:4 Votes:

How to connect to -KTB-BotServers-Join-Allies-RIP-KTB-CraSh (Time left 9:47)

To connect to the server type on the console (copy-paste)