Add server

GameTracker does not care :), but we have zero tolerance to any server that redirects players, changes the default keyboard bindings including but not limited to bind of spam or connect commands, changes the default Menu options (New Game, Find Servers etc.) or manipulates server ranking system in any kind (including but not limited to: fake players in spectator, undetectable bots, fake reply). If your server will send any bad command to client or be reported to have fake players, it will be permanently banned from our rating. In case of any promotional services ordered, it will be cancelled without any refund. Here is a list of prohibited activities:

  • Changing default Game Menu items or adding more then two custom commands. Better remove it at all.
  • Creating or changing files using motd_write command (autoexec.cfg, joystick.cfg, language.cfg, userconfig.cfg, valve.rc or any other standart game file).
  • Redirect player to another server (even if your server is full).
  • Using message SVC_DIRECTOR for sending any string commands.
  • Fake servers that have constantly more then 25% bots from maxplayers value.
  • Malicious binary files uploading
  • Advertising of any other game server client ("newer", "better" versions etc.)
  • Using plugins like GameDestroyer or similar.

Our players have enough protected game clients, so nothing will work, nevertheless, disobeying rating rules leads to instant IP ban with removal of all servers you have added and without any refund!